Coronavirus pandemic likely, PM says as central Victorian councils ... My name is Kym Murphy.  I am the Manager Community Partnerships at Central Goldfields Shire Council and recently appointed as Council’s Pandemic Coordinator.
Last week Central Goldfields Shire Council activated its Pandemic Plan and Pandemic Response Working Group.  The role of the Working Group is to plan for imminent pandemic, respond to the current situation, and plan for recovery.  The Working Group is establishing a Pandemic Relief & Recovery sub-group to coordinate relief and recovery efforts to reduce duplication and ensure community members, including businesses, requiring support receive appropriate support for their situation.
You are receiving this email because your agency, service or group work closely with the community and/or businesses.  You may already be supporting the community during these early stages of the pandemic.  We are planning the first meeting for this Friday 27 March 3pm to 4pm.  Can you please identify the most appropriate representative for your agency, service or group and send through their email contact details to me asap so I can send a meeting invitation.  Note: this will be a large group so please nominate only one representative to ensure it remains manageable.  
The meeting will be conducted using Zoom which can be accessed by telephone or computer.
Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you J
NOTE: The next meeting of this Committee will be on Tuesday at 2.30PM. Please contact President Leigh if you are willing to represent Rotary on this committee