• P - Pursue “what is good for all concerned” - in all your work places.
  • A - Apply the habits of a professional to all work situations. (See "Read more...")
  • T - Take opportunities for effective leadership.
  • H - Hone your negotiation skills.
  • S - Share your vocational story with others
What it means to apply the habits of a "Professional"...
P - Perfect the knowledge you need.
R - Rehearse your skills before use.
O – Obtain regular “on the job” training.
F – Familiarise yourself with the vision of the organization.
E – Exhibit honesty and integrity in all your work        .
S – Show accountability for your mistakes.
S – Stay calm and show respect to others when under pressure          .
I – Intuit the emotions of colleagues and customers.
O - Outfit yourself with the right clothing and tools.
N - Nail each job and do it right first time.
A - Abide by your commitments.
L - Look out for leadership opportunities.