Members enjoyed three sets of Vocational Advice tips last Thursday from 3 different Rotarians: PP Martin Mackay, current President Garry Higgins OAM, and Rotarian Shane Dellevedova.
PP Martin Mackay...
1. Always make sure that you prepare well for any presentation or activity that you are assigned, and ensure that you know what you are talking about - so prepare well!
2. If you are asked to do something, always say "Yes" even before you think about whether you can actually do it. The people who asked you to do the job will have considered whether you are capable or not, and there are always people around you to whom you may go for guidance.
3. Take the time to reflect on any task you have been assigned - don't jump in head first until you have got your head around what is required of you and what is expected by the people you are talking to.
See "Read more..." for talks by Garry and Shane.
President Garry Higgins OAM
1. Early in your work history, reflect on what you believe is, especially in relation to your business or workplace. Identify what you believe in, and why you believe in it e.g., in his own business, Garry identified the Rotary "Four Way Test" as the basis of his beliefs.
2. Make sure you have the courage of your convictions and never stand back - put yourself forward and have a go even if you feel unsure about your ability. Use your initiative and own your job - if you're employed to do something, own it, and take everything that goes along with it.
3. Never stand in the shadow of others because 90% of the world is average and it doesn't take a lot to go from being average to being really good at what you do. No matter your vocation, strive to be the very best you can be.
Shane Dellavedova
1. Always be honest about sharing your feelings, because no-one can really disagree with you when you share from your heart.
2. Be ethical in your advice and never try and sell somebody something you know they don't need. Put the customer's interests first - it is not about the sale, it is about what the customer really needs.
3. Aim to understand how and why you do the things you do in your workplace - get loved ones to honestly share how they see you in operation and use that knowledge to become wiser.