All members should have received an email with a "Suggested Roster for this year’s 3 minute Vocational Talks".
The topic is: “Three pieces of Wisdom/ Advice You Would Give To A Young Person Just Starting Out on their Working Life/ Career”

Please check the attached roster for your name...(Click "Read more...")
It is based on the best available advice I have about your interest in doing a talk – but it may well be inaccurate. First, let me know by email if you would prefer not to be on this round of talks OR if you can’t see your name but WOULD like to participate this year.
Second, let me know if you know at this time that the date will be unsuitable.
Of course, we may need to change this roster because of other circumstances e.g., some of these spots might be social evenings or site visits that are not suitable for the talks. We’ll try to let you know in plenty of time to make other arrangements. If you can’t make a spot, at the last minute, you could try to do a swap with someone else on the list. Otherwise, we might have two or even three talks on the one night some time.