Thank you to all those members who participated in last Thursday's Zoomed Special general meeting which enabled us to pass two changes to our club Bylaws. We voted unanimously to change the wording of item 6.1 to provide some flexibility in the size of our Board, and added item 6.2 to set a minimum number of Board meetings per year. See "Read more..." for details.
This is the updated wording of the Bylaw. We will send a complete copy of the Bylaws to members during the next week.
6.1 The governing body of this club is the Board consisting of the President, Immediate Past-president/ Vice-President, President—elect, Secretary, and Treasurer as officers, and up to nine (9) other Directors; and (when applicable) the President-Nominee and Chair of a satellite club
6.2 The Board shall meet at least six (6) times per year or more frequently as determined by the Board.