Over twenty members gathered at the studios of local radio station, Goldfields-FM on January 14th to hear how the station commenced and operates, and to also hear the prototype program of our club's proposed radio program called "Rotary Rhythms". Click "Read more..." for more details and photographs.
Goldfields FM commenced their preparations in 1999, with Rotarian PP Bob Osborne in the thick of the planning. A temporary licence was granted in 2007, and the station started broadcasting locally in January of that year with assistance from local organizations and donors - including our club. The station received its full licence in 2011, and with assistance from the Shire and Government grants, it was able to purpose-build the current studio in the Community Hub - now the envy of community radio stations around the country. The studio has several purpose-built rooms with double glazing, double insulation and state of the art equipment. The station now manages the Hub for the Shire as a permanent tennant. Recently, a new transmission tower has been set up on Centenary Hill and the station is able to send its signal as far as Daylesford and Bendigo - 4 times as far as before. The station also has a generator that can run the whole facility during times of emergency, and a fitted out mobile caravan to conduct outside broadcasts. Many thanks to Dan Leddin and Ian Fettling for looking after our members at the studio.