Our "Fun Coordinator", Tracey Smith delighted members and guests at last week's meeting with some wonderful activities related to the Rotary month of "Water and Sanitation". First we had a trivia quiz with all questions related to water, and we had to make the sound of a frog to answer, and if correct, we got a choccy frog - there were certainly some interesting frog noises! Then she donned a lab coat and, with lab assistant, Harold, presented us with some fascinating water based experiments. See "Read more..." for details and more pics.
The first experiment explored the properties of volume when you mix alcohol and water together - the total mixed volume is significantly less than the volumes of the water and alcohol added together. Then, for a prize, we explored how many glasses it would take to dilute a coloured liquid (green, or course, for St Patrick's Day) to the point where it was clear again. The correct answer was "10" and we had a winner who was close enough. All great fun, and many thanks to Trace for her considerable efforts, the provision of water based prizes, and spectacular liquid or water based transitions between her PowerPoint slides.