At last Thursday's meeting, members also enjoyed hearing the "New Member" story of new Rotarian, Candice Anketell. Candice and her husband Thomas joined our club on November 14th 2019, both sponsored by PP Garry Higgins.
Candice was the oldest child of 4 children born to an Italian father, and a mother who was descended from the "Burger" ethnic group in Sri Lanka. Candice went to St. Patrick's Primary school in Pakenham, and was encouraged by her school and parents to "put your community first" - particularly your wider family community. Her father, now passed away, was a very community minded man and was part of the CFA, so Candice has always had an interest in contributing to the community e.g. she was the first female Altar server at her church. She also inherited a love of the Dr. Who TV series from her dad. Her connection with joining our Rotary club arose out of her willingness to have a go at a wide range of sports when she was at school. She tried cheer leading, indoor and and outdoor cricket and soccer, dance, fire fighting, basketball, and softball - she didn't feel all that successful at these sports, but she was willing to join in and help the team. It was this attitude that got her into the school's Energy Breakthrough team that came to Maryborough for the Energy Breakthrough. She fell in love with the town and thought the people here were so friendly. This memory played a part in her and Thomas's decision to come and work in our town around four years ago. Candice initially studied Psychology at Uni, but got offered a job at Tru Foods where she initially worked on "the floor". She soon got a promotion to her current position where she co-ordinates transport and stock supplies at the company. As part of her initiative to improve, she participated in the young leader's program here in Maryborough and that's where she came into contact with PP Garry who invited her and Tom to try our Rotary. Candice revealed at the end of her talk that he desire to serve the community has prompted her to put herself forward for the Central Goldfields Elections in October. We wish her every success, and know that if elected, she will serve our community well. It really has been great to have Candice and Thomas as part of our team, and Candice has already had a very positive impact on our Rotary service in this area.