Last Thursday, our Community Committee adopted an instant community project in the form of a high definition "Virtual walk" around our fair city that highlights the beauty and some of the attractions of Maryborough. The walk is available to watch by clicking this link to take you to YouTube at
The Maryborough Rotary Brand is now on the video, and the walk includes a reference to our "Manse" project. See "Read more..." for more details.
Virtual walks are a current "hot topic" on YouTube, and if you are interested, you can find hundreds of "walks" on beautiful places and attractions covering almost every country of the world. Some of the recommended walk channels on YouTube include "Prowalk Tours", "BookingHunterTV", "City Walks", "Living Walks", "Silent Walker" and "Wanderlust Travel". The walks are produced by physically walking around a location in real time with a special wide-lens, high definition camera that minimizes the shudder that ordinary cameras produce when you walk with them. The photographer needs a special device called a gimbal to achieve this effect, or a camera such as a "GoPro" action camera which has the gimbal effect built in. There is not meant to be any commentary or music provided with the walk, but viewers are expected to hear the natural sounds in the environment so they can easily imagine they are actually there doing the walk. Of course, for best effect, the walks need to be watched on a large, high definition television. Many people set up their walking machines in front of their television, and play a walking tour video as an aid to their daily exercise. Our Maryborough walk was produced by PDG Geoff as part of his "Wayfarer Walks" series.