About Rotary Radio | District 9800Chris Frahn (Public Image Chair) reported on our progress with the Rotary Radio project. A small committee of six met during the week and mapped out a plan to move forward with this idea.
A half hour program is being suggested initially where each week, a member of Rotary (or maybe even some other Service group) will be interviewed about such things as why they joined and what they enjoy about Rotary (or other Service group), maybe what other paid or voluntary work they do in the community along with their other interests in life. Each guest will also be asked to suggest 4 or 5 favourite songs to play throughout the program, and they will be asked to briefly talk about those songs. So the emphasis is on the actual people who happen to serve the community through volunteer work. Since the meeting, a draft program and suggested script has been produced, and two members have agreed to meet and interview each other for the early editions of the program.