Presidents Report # 3
Good morning Rotarians,
Welcome to the third week of our Rotary year where our Club is getting on with the job of building strong foundations for our future.Rt. Austin and the Public Image committee is examining the ways in which we can improve our internal communications. For instance, only 34% of our members open their copy of the Bulletin each week; is this because they are not receiving it in the first place; members don’t see the medium as being relevant; the bulletin doesn’t contain relevant information; is there a better way. Click "Read more..."
We would like to hear and share your views so that we can ensure all our members are kept informed.
Geoff and the Administration committee is also looking at ways in which we can make our administration more effective.
The use of technology to help in making us more efficient; training for members, more effective financial control.
A special mention to the work that Rotarians Anthony and Geoff have done in an analysis of our financial commitments in order to establish membership fees for the next year. The information contained in this document raises a lot of points for discussion. Do we need to be spending money on somethings and are there missed revenue opportunities?
As part of this process, we identified that we have a lot of physical assets that require regular maintenance. If you are interested in being part of a new MAINTENANCE CREW, please give Geoff a bell.
On Thursday evening we presented Certificates of Appreciation to members who have given many years of service on the Board. Rotarians Thea Allan, Martin McKay and Chris Frahn received their certificates and we will present certificates to Rotarians Derek Marsden, Shane Dellavedova, Murray Henderson and Graeme Rogan.
These members have continually put their hands up in leadership roles and our Club is so much richer for their contribution.
POSITIONS VACANT: President Elect.
We are looking for a committed Rotarian to lead one of the most courageous Clubs in Australia in 2021/22.
The position offers the successful applicant an opportunity to work with like minded people who want to make the world a better place; who care about the welfare of fellow members and who believe that we can improve the lives of people in our community.
We offer an attractive remuneration package.
Love, Light and Peace.
President Garry