On October 8th, PP Garry Higgins OAM presented a paper to members which included a proposal to the Board that the club performs a "Diagnostic-reset" for its operations during the Covid-19 period. Garry argued that this Covid period is a real opportunity for the club to make itself more relevant in the community.
Garry reported that his own business had performed a Diagnostic reset, and it had led to even greater success than before the pandemic. For our club, it could mean that we become a "more relevant and vibrant club" that could "assist our community to be stronger and prosperous". He argued that we should ask ourselves questions like, "What is the community perception of Rotary and our club?", "Do our projects make a real difference and to who?", "Are our communication systems within our club and to our community effective?", "Do we know what contemporary issues are within our community?" and "Do we know the human resources and connections within our club?". Garry plans to make a recommendation to our next board meeting that, "The Board undertakes an immediate Diagnostic Reset" review. and establish a "covid-normal" operational plan." Watch this space for more details. You can watch Garry's presentation on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEdjCtwpeoQ