Coming Next Week – Rags to RoyalNext week, at the Bull and Mouth we start our Strategic Planning process to revitalize our club after the Pandemic. We need as many members as possible to come along and join in our "Plan Initialization" meeting which will require members to complete a "Member Satisfaction Survey", and a "Member Audit" form to let the club know more about your available skills and interests. See "Read more..." for what else we'll do next week.
We will also be explaining how to prepare proposal forms for the service and fundraising projects we'll pursue during the next Rotary year. We will basically be declaring a "clean slate" for service projects and asking members to come forward and argue the case for the issues for which we plan to raise money next Rotary year. They can be existing projects, but they still need to be presented to members who will have the final say on what we work for as a club. That "say" will happen on April 22nd when we have our "Service and Fundraising Project Expo". That will be the night when we decide what service and fundraising projects will take us into 2022-22, so plan to be at that meeting as well as next week. Also look out for the "Template" which will be emailed to all members to assist you to present your service or fundraising project at the "Expo".