Dale Martin from Microblast Computers joined us last Thursday and provided a comprehensive and rather scary outline of cyber security issues, computer fraud and scams. Dale reminded us that scammers are becoming more plentiful and more and more sophisticated in their methods to steal from us online. The good news is that there are many things we can do to reduce the chance of becoming the victim of computer fraud or a scam. See the "Read more..." section for a summary of tips. 
Here is a summary of Dale's tips for minimizing the chances of becoming a victim of computer fraud or scams.
•Protect your identity.   Your Email and phone must be secured and recoverable.
•All phone calls are suspect.
•Microsoft will never call you.
•Neither will Telstra
•Or the ATO
•Love on the internet is a romantic fiction
•You didn’t win a lottery you never heard of
•You can’t lose 10kg in a week
•You can’t become a millionaire over night
•No-one needs remote access to your computer
•Popup messages about your computer running slow, driver updates are fake
If in doubt don’t.