Last Monday, Brian Reed, friend Joe La Greca, and I travelled to Welshmans Reef to visit Ron Snep at his “ Welshmans Reef “ vineyards. Brian had a plan to run a wine tasting fundraiser for Maryborough Rotary, and so had arranged with Ron to sample some of his wines. Brian had persuaded Joe and I to accompany him, to help relieve some of the burden of having to sample all of Ron’s delicious wines on his own! Ron Snep will be known to many Maryborough Rotarians- he has been growing and bottling his own grapes for many years, as well as bottling wine for many other local growers. We sampled six reds and four whites, all of which would be well suited to what Brian has in mind. Brian has been liaising with Candice as to how the Club might get up online wine sales. Watch this space for further developments - All the very best, from PP Leigh