At the October 8th meeting, our club conducted its first poll on Zoom and we discovered that 69% of members in attendance actually read the, "Read more..." bits on our bulletin; and 69% claimed they might watch a video of our meetings if it was posted on YouTube.
The Poll option is available to any member of the club to check out member's opinions an any matter related to Rotary business. You must provide possible answers for members to click, but you can set up the poll for just one possible response per question e.g. "Yes", "No", or "Don't know" OR you can allow multiple responses e.g. "What Rotary Service Committees have you been in?" with possible answers such as "Community". "Vocational", "International" or "Youth" etc. The poll will automatically calculate percentages of responses.
Re. the videos in our poll question, members now have the option of recording their own video of the meeting onto their computer if they so desire.