At Thursday's meeting, Bronwen Haywood and Garry Higgins provided members with an overview of the Loddon Murray Leadership Program. Garry explained that the program developed after our local Council was sacked, and there was a perception in the community that the Central Highlands area was lacking in leaders with the skills to solve local problems. The Victorian Government made available $150,000 to do something about this situation, and the Leadership program was one of the results. Bronwen shared her experience as a participant in last year's program which included a visit to Echuca to hear a leadership psychology expert, a visit to the Kookas Country Cookies company in Donald, a visit to Castlemaine and Harcourt to hear about mental health for leaders, a visit to Cohuna to learn about entrepreneurship and even a trip to Canberra for interviews with Political leaders. Members were reminded that there are still fully funded places available in the upcoming program, and that they should consider putting themselves forward when Council Elections are announced later this year.