What an exciting night for all Thursday night.

President Karen McCarthy surprised both the club members and PDG PHF Geoff James with a Royce Abbey Award. The award was established in recognition of Royce Abbey's contribution to Rotary as an inspirational leader from 1954 to 2014 and as President of Rotary International 1988 - 89. The Royce Abbey Award is available to Rotary Clubs wishing to recognise Rotarians showing enthusiasm and commitment to the Ideals of Rotary.  The presentation was made once Geoff had finished presenting the Vocation Awards. The distraction of doing that allowed President Karen to make sure Geoff's daughter Catherine had arrived from Castlemaine in time for the presentation. The arrival of Catherine surprised him so much that he was speechless. He was presented with an artwork that was donated by Karen and previously owned by Past RI President, Royce Abbey. 

The artwork was sculpted by Gilles Peltier. Gilles was a Rotarian that died almost a year ago this month. The artwork sculpted on plexiglass was done for a Canadian Rotary Club for use as a fundraiser. In 1988-1989 Rotary year Australian Royce Abbey was RI President, one of the many gifts he was given was the Artwork “Sculpture on Plexiglass” it is of the Ursuline Monastery in a Canada.


Geoff was chosen for his dedication, commitment and the endless hours he puts into Rotary both seen and unseen

Congratulations Geoff from all Rotary members on such a prestigious well earned award