It was delightful to see and hear the passion from Maggie Tranter, our latest NYSF attendee.  Maggie was so excited and a pleasure to listen to about her time and experiences whilst attending the two week camp in Canberra. The possible one down side was the 14 hour bus trip to actually arrive there. Once arrived the students were divided into groups - Maggie's was Health and Medical and there were 14 in her group for the time.

Some of the places of interest that Maggie attended were;

  • Parliament House
  • Animal Referral Hospital - observed surgery on a pug dog, a golden retriever
  • Canberra Hospital - visit to Pathology Labs and viewed the results of infectious diseases on humans - of particular interest were how the Chemistry and Biology knowledge work together to complete a diagnosis
  • Observed a Biomechanics workshop
  • Participated in a workshop regarding Thinking Big - and how to use stress for better
  • War Memorial Institution
  • Dress up for the disco as baby sharks
  • A break day on the middle Sunday - watched movies and had some down time
  • ACU campus
  • Observed a video conference of Physics in the USA - one in particular resonated with Maggie from a great speaker who was the first lady scientist in Physics
From this Maggie thinks she had decided her future path in Medical area - pathology
Thank you to Maggie for such a wonderful presentation and good luck for Year 12 this year and your chosen career path