We received the following letter from the Breakthrough Organizer - In essence, we need one more volunteer for one full day to meet our requirements. Please contact Secretary Thea if you can assist.
Ben Robertson EBT at the Shire writes:
In regards to the volunteers required, the committee would appreciate it if the volunteer time for judging is equivalent to the hours previously covered by Rotary when marshalling e.g. 24 Hours x 2 people, effectively 48 Hours of volunteer time.
That is great that you have 5 people judging a full day each, this means you have covered around 40 hours of volunteer time.  If you could please ensure everyone is registered through the online system at https://www.eb.org.au/volunteer/.
If you are able to source at least one more volunteer for a full day of judging, that would be greatly appreciated. 
We are very low on volunteer judges on the Thursday so if you have any family or friends that could assist we would be most grateful.
Kind regards,
Ben Robertson