On July 15th, our club held its second Zoom/live Hybrid meeting for the year and we’ve ironed out a few more issues that emerged in our first Hybrid meeting this Rotary year. Click "Read more..." for more details.
We now plan to run Zoom from our PowerPoint laptop at the front of the room so that participants on Zoom will be visible to all physically attending members – see the attached photo of President Garry with members zooming on the screen. We also set up our portable Public Address system under the screen on the 15th which enabled Zoomers to hear more clearly. In future, for this system to work, we would suggest that anyone who is addressing the club comes up to the front table so you are visible on Zoom, or at least speak into the roving microphone which will be available each night. We also plan to have a second tablet or laptop that we will use to show the participants at the meeting for Zoomers.
Meryl James and Chris Frahn both Zoomed in.
However the meeting attendance was only 40%