You wouldn't believe it! Our club statistician determined that it would only happen at our club once in every 61 years! That's right! The joker was pulled out of the pack in two consecutive weeks! Rotarian Chris Frahn was the lucky - or would you say "unlucky" winner of the pool of money from the "Swindle". The week before, Mallee won well over $300; this week, Chris won about 14 bucks! Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but not what the masses expect to win from our weekly "competition". A bit of trivia - do you know how the prize money is determined? It is half of the total amount collected from ticket sales, and, of course, when it gets a chance, it jackpots into a sizeable amount as each week passes without seeing the Joker. Well, let's see if we can give away another 14 or 15 dollars next week, and then we'll get the mathematicians working!