PP Garry Higgins provided an update at last Thursday's meeting of the latest developments with the Club's Family Violence Program. For new members, Garry provided an overview of the history of the program - how it arose out of a Strategic Planning day when members were looking for some way the club could meaningfully support the local community. Whilst there were some initial concerns over whether the project was suitable for a Rotary club, support grew and the program was officially launched at the Highland Society with guest speaker, Phil Cleary. That launch was a catalyst for letters of support to flood in from all over the world and the profile of the program grew significantly in Australia - so much so, that our club was the only non-legal organization invited to report at the Royal Commission on Family Violence. Since then, many forms of flyers, posters, wallet cards, public signs, videos and social media posts have helped to raise awareness of the problem, and challenge Australians to, in the terms of the hash tag,  #SayNO2familyviolence. However, many Rotary clubs and other organizations have asked how they could use the Maryborough model in their own communities, so a long time goal of the club's Family Violence committee has been to make a package of templates, guidelines and wisdom available to communities all over the world. That goal took a big step forward when the club recently committed $14,000 for Arc Ventures to prepare such a package. Garry's hope is that the first drafts of the package will be available in a month or so. The club has also put in for a Rotary District Grant in conjunction with the Rotary clubs of Horsham and Horsham East to build an accompanying web-site that will assist in the distribution of materials.