Being the fifth Thursday of the Month, last Thursday evening was designated as a Fun Night at Rotary. After members were shown a YouTube clip of a rather "wild" looking and sounding Scottish Bagpipe band, chair John Williamson made use of the Zoom "Random Breakout Groups" feature, and all members found themselves in a Breakout "room" with a couple of other members where they were invited to assess the possibility of our club importing the band for the 2021 Highland Gathering. After the breakouts, members voted using the Zoom Polling feature - with an indecisive result - but we all agreed we would love to be in the Highland Society Board Room when the video of the band was shown to organizers with our club proposal to sponsor them! We also watched a Covid-19 ditty sung to the tune of "Islands in the Stream". Thanks to President Alison and Chair John for a fun night.