At last Thursday's meeting, six attendees at the recent Defy the Drift program shared their experiences of the three day camp and their hopes for a possible future working on the land.
Chalottee Cain spoke of how the program inspired her to pursue the production of prime lamb. Lachlan Gablek shared his fascination with environmentally sound chicken farming and the production of green eggs (I can just imagine them with ham!). Ethan Fremantle is also into prime lamb production, although with a different emphasis from that of Charlotte. What Zac Grant got out of the program was some useful information on how to write a speech - such as the one he gave to our club! Jamie Beavis is interested in the mechanization of farms, and wants to work with his family in servicing heavy diesel machinery - he discovered it will involve three years of study. Keynan Lanfranchi said he learned to be more confident at the camp, and he wants to be a Canola farmer since it is one of the most valuable crops in Australia. Thanks to Youth Chair and DTD Committee member, Graeme Rogan for organizing a great night.