On October 1st, the current district chair of the Australian Rotary Health (ARH) organization, Catherine Eagleson, Past President from Drysdale Rotary, briefed members on the work of ARH, and on her work as a puzzle creator raising funds for this valued Rotary project. See more by clicking "Read more..."
Australian Rotary Health was started by Rotarian Ian Scott as a charitable organization back in 1981. His aim at that time was to raise two million dollars for research about Cot Death.Since that time, ARH has raised over $45 million for research in Australia - focussing in recent years on mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and more. Mental illness costs Australians over $20 billion annually, including the loss of productivity and labour force participation. Mental illness is the main reason why people take time off work.
Catherine has been a long time supporter of ARH and set up a fund raising program for ARH based on knitting in 2017. Since the Covid outbreak, she came up with the idea of providing puzzles for people to solve during their time in lockdown. So she set up a subscription service called the "Clue Detective Puzzle Agency" providing subscribers with online puzzles such as crosswords, codewords and sudokus, and part of the profits go to participating Rotary clubs to raise funds for ARH.
Club members got to have a taste of the puzzles at the meeting by jointly completing a couple of "codeword" puzzles - an activity that proved to be a lot of fun. You can have a look at Catherine's website and try out a puzzle yourself by clicking this link: https://cluedetectivepuzzleagency.com/puzzler-free-trial/
The club board will consider whether our club should also become a Clue Detective Partner.
If you want to watch the complete meeting from last Thursday, October 1st, please click this link: https://youtu.be/GOgtel9x4Os