Thank you all of you members of Maryborough Rotary, Family and Friends for your warm welcome and for having confidence that I can serve Rotary.
Indeed, it is an honour to be the President of Maryborough Rotary and it is humbling to be following in the line of fine Past Presidents who have lead the way and who encouraged me to join Maryborough Rotary in November, 2012.
My life and interests have been focused on the land with farming, agriculture, conservation, and social justice issues, I hope to add value to our work in Rotary with these interests.
Our world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and this is affecting us all in our lives, our communities and in all countries in ways we did not imagine – what opportunities.
I commend to you our Maryborough Rotary 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and 2020-21 Action Plan which has been developed by our Club of over 45 members. The plan is available on our website and will be sent to all members.
Most important, we thank Leigh for his wonderful year as President, and we thank Jan for all her support to Leigh. Thank you all, and I look forward to working with you as President.