Administration Committee
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  • To conduct and monitor activities associated with the effective operation of the club – particularly club meetings and club facilities.
  • Ensure that every club meeting and event is properly planned and arranged in advance
Suggested Actions
  • (FIRST MEETING TASKS) Needed for this first meeting: A copy of the current club Action plan with the goals of this committee listed, a copy of the Committees chart and a copy of the Agenda/ Minutes template for this committee.
  • (FIRST MEETING TASKS) If not done already, appoint a Deputy to deputize for the Director or Chair in this committee
  • FIRST MEETING TASKS) If not done already, allocate members to specific Focus Areas related to this committee as listed on the Committees chart and notify the President of the names
  • (FIRST MEETING TASKS) Appoint a minute secretary for the group who will keep a brief, “dot point” record of decisions and reports using the Agenda/ Minutes template based on the goals for this committee area. These minutes need to be emailed to the Club secretary AND the President Elect a week before each Board meeting.
  • (FIRST MEETING TASKS) Establish a meeting time, location and frequency for meetings of this committee (if not already advised or built into the program)
  • (FIRST MEETING TASKS) Work out a suggested budget of the funds you realistically expect to require to implement the plans of this committee during the coming Rotary year. Send a copy of the total amount to the Treasurer and the President as soon as possible. (Annual Budgets are approved at the July meeting of the Board)
  • (REGULAR MEETING TASKS) Use the Agenda/ Minutes template as the basis for your committee agenda – it contains a list of the strategic goals for this committee. Skip over goals where no action is required and only focus on what you plan to do with regards to implementing the goals (Recommendations to the Board) or what you have done (Reports of Outcomes). If required, recommend to the Board a new goal to cover areas not already included in your committee goals. Your list of goals should be comprehensive since it serves as your committee role description.