Again, with hospitality venues limited to 10 people indoors and 20 outdoors our weekly meeting was conducted via Zoom. The agenda was for governance and service committees to meet and this was achieved by moving into breakout rooms (another excellent feature of Zoom). Following which each chair then presented a brief report on progress to date. The membership committee is making good progress in planning focus groups to find out what people feel about joining Rotary. The fundraising committee reported a very productive meeting including a potential virtual breakfast or lunch, and a suggestion that we explore the use of Eventbrite with Alison suggesting that we set up a club Eventbrite account with a view to having a virtual Oaks Day fundraiser if a face-to-face event is not possible. John Williamson reported that some 65% of members had now paid their dues.
Next weeks meeting will be a “lift the lid on mental health” Zoom event so make sure you attend and wear your favourite hat.