To do good in our local community, for needy international communities, for the environment and to promote peace on our planet, whilst enjoying each other’s company and making a positive difference in our own lives.
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News From Maryborough Rotary:

Maryborough Rotary

Service Above Self

Every Thursday, 6 for 6.30PM.
Dining Hall,
Raglan House, Raglan Street
(But Always Check under Heading, "Upcoming Program" on website)
Maryborough, Victoria  3465
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What's Happening at Maryborough Rotary?
Those in attendance received a real treat last Thursday when Rotarian Bill Johnson presented an account of his recent trip along the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea. By the end of the night members had a good idea of what the trip looked like and felt like, and they were either inspired to sign up and do it themselves, or thankful that someone else had been there and brought back great photos to save us the trouble. Bill is a keen member of the Rotary Cricketing Fellowship and a friend of Secretary Derrick.
At Thursday's meeting, Trace Smith provided a fascinating account of her story as a Bursar and Business Manager in the State Education system over the last three decades. Trace worked her way up through the ranks to become the most experienced member of the Business management team in Maryborough, and a "go-to" person for fellow business managers in the State. Our community received confirmation of her talent when she won the "Business Manager of the Year" award a couple of years ago. Thanks for your story, Trace.
There are three current experts on making presentations with Powerpoint - check them out on Youtube…
  • Jean-luc Doumont
  • David J. P. Phillips - Mr "Death By Powerpoint"
  • Pat Flynn
Whilst these experts disagree on a few things, there is general agreement on most
  • They agree that ineffective Powerpoint slides have too much information on them (more than 5 items)
  • Ineffective slides have text that is too small to read, and not organized into a short sentence of no more than two lines - one sentence per slide
  • Ineffective slides are confusing and do not direct the audience's attention to the ONE key point of the slide
  • Ineffective slides contain distracting animations and/ or transitions - unless used for a special effect
  • They agree that the emphasis of a presentation should be on the presenter – not the slide
Here is a summary of the seven things they agree should be part of an effective presentation:
  • 01. We need to eliminate any “noise” or confusion that gets between us as presenter, and our audience
  • 02. We need to avoid bullet points unless they form a self-contained package - the audience will start reading doen the points and miss our current message
  • 03. Instead, each slide should have just one topic sentence of 2 lines (max) and a relevant, helpful image that illustrates the point of the slide
  • 04. When presenting slides, we should use redundancy - our speech should repeat the essential point of the slide so...
  • 05. Each slide should be understood by a blind person who can hear our speech, and a deaf person who can read the slide
  • 06. If we need to tell a short story or anecdote, we should turn the slides off, or put up a plain black slide so the attention is on the presenter telling the story
  • 07. Finally, we should avoid distracting transitions and animations – unless for a special effect – they are usually “noise” - but they can be fun!
Experts are still debating whether we should have dark backgrounds with light text (which is easier to read) or plain white backgrounds (apart from images)
  • The preference seems to be that charts and images usually look better on white backgrounds, and white slides are far easier to print as a handout - so plain white is the way to go
Our club was pleased to welcome Rotarian visitors, Roslyn and Ralph Tierney from the Rotary Club of Hobart last Thursday. Roslyn shared with us some interesting facts about her club, and praised our club for its mission to attempt to meet the needs of our local community. Here are Roslyn and Ralph with acting president for the night, PP Martin Mackay.
PP John Caulfield thanked the nine Maryborough Rotarians who assisted the Chaplaincy committee conduct a very successful Oaks Day event at the Maryborough Highland Society last Thursday. John singled out the fantastic efforts of Rotarians Esther Waters and Alison Teese who were the main drivers behind the event - and a great time was had by all.
PP Mallee Rowe presented an engaging 3 (plus) minute talk on the state of his very new vocation, doing basically the same job that he had plus loads of other responsibilities that had been previously looked after by other people in the Pyrenees Shire. He now seems to be manager of everything that moves and every bridge around the state - and of course, he will do them all extremely well in his own unique style, but we wonder whether he is going to have any time at all left to do a bit of Farnarkling!
Ink 32: How to Discover More About the Rotary Foundation
It is Foundation Month! Do you want to know what the latest news is on Rotary’s Polio initiative?
Go To:http://polioeradication.org/polio-today/polio-now/this-week/
Or Type “polioeradication”Into “Google” and the Polio site Site will come up…
Do you want to know how much you have contributed to the Rotary Foundation?
Log into My Rotary, go to Manage, Reports, and Click on “Donor History Report
The Donor History Report provides details of all donations reported to District Fundraising Chair Peter.
Do you want to know more about the Rotary Foundation in general?
Click on “The Rotary Foundation” tap on the Rotary.org site and many options become available on the white drop down section.
Scroll down the page and learn about programs, how funds are spent & awards. Learn about how Rotary Foundation funds are distributed. Learn about the history of the Foundation which started in 1917
Want to learn even more? Simply go to “youtube” and type in “Rotary Foundation” in the search box. Many Rotary videos will be available to watch. e.g.
Video Segment: Thank You “Rotary Foundation”
Available on Youtube:
One of our local Medical Trainees, who was Miss Universe Australia in a past life, shared her fascinating story with us on Thursday. Olivia Wells is an Australian charity worker and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2013 and represented Australia at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia on 9 November 2013. She originally entered the contest at the end of her year 12 as a bit of a joke, but actually won her way through to be Australia's Miss Universe. She is currently training to be a specialist in Palliative care.
President Karen flew the flag for Polio Day on October 24th by painting people's pinkies purple for polio in front of the local newsagent.
DG Ray Herbert shared his message and that of International Rotary President Ian Riseley at our meeting on Thursday. It was also Hat Night in aid of Australian Rotary Health, so Rotarians donned hats to get in the spirit. Winner of the most inspiring hat was Rotarian Esther Waters. During the night, PP Bob Osborne proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Melbourne - the first Rotary club in Australia in 1921, and DG Ray presented President Karen with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition. At the end of the night there was a line up of a DG, DGE, DGN, PDG and AG with President Karen - what a load of acronyms!?
Three impressive young women shared their visions for a better Maryborough at last Tuesday's Vocational Scholarship evening. Kym Skyring, Kelsey Chandler, and Judith Sproule are pictured with President Karen and Guest speaker, Emma King, the CEO of the Victorian Council of Social Services.
Over 30 Rotarians and friends spent some productive time cleaning up Dowie Park last week. President Karen thanked everyone for their attendance and particularly PP Brian Thomas for organizing the event.
What a terrific event!  Over 200 riders entered the event and participated in either the long ride(114km) or short (46km).  The feedback from riders was how fantastic the day was accept for the wind for the last 8 - 10km. Unfortunately that was something that we couldn't change.
Congratulations Peter on the excellent organisation and to Rotarians who supported the event on Friday.  Many riders were certainly interested in competing again next year and also the proposed ride in March of the 3 reservoirs.
Photos show cyclists in the long version of the Pyrenees Bike Ride last Friday stopped at Landsborough for a morning tea of bananas, muesli bars, fruit cake and lamingtons served with tea, coffee or water - well deserved after an hour or more of country riding across hills and plains!
The last photo was at the picturesque Blue Pyrenees Estate where the ride started and finished.
On Tuesday, the 10th of October, the Club will be presenting its International Vocational Scholarship to a candidate to study worlds’ best practice in a field that will have ongoing benefit to our local community. This will be our fourth such scholarship.
The event will be conducted at the Highland Society starting at 6-00 pm and will be chaired by Ross Abbey Fellow, PDG, Geoff James.
Guest speaker will be Ms. Emma King, CEO, Victorian Council of Social Service.
Cost is $35 per head which includes entrée and main course.
This will be a partners and guests evening and we encourage members to invite those who are working or who have an interest in the development of our community to attend.
Numbers to Rt. Garry Higgins. Phone 0418473669 or email pvb1@westnet.com.au
The Paul Harris Fellow is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905.
The Paul Harris Fellow was established in his honour on 1957, to express appreciation for a contribution of US$1000, to the humanitarian and educational programs of the Rotary Foundation.
These programs include an array of projects that save and invigorate the lives of people around the world and enhance international friendship and understanding.
The Foundation programs provide educational opportunities, food, potable water, healthcare, immunizations and shelter for millions of persons These activities are funded, implemented and managed by Rotarians and Rotary clubs around the globe.
Rotarians also designate a Paul Harris Fellow to recognise another person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objective and mission of the Rotary Foundation to build world peace and understanding.
In honouring Joan Hartley, we are also honouring the Home and Community Care (HACC)program and its role in the Council and Maryborough District Health Service.
The specific recipient is also recognised for her work within the wider community generally.
Joan arrived in Maryborough with her family form Wangaratta in 1962.  She has four girls, Jenny, Wendy, Lynette and Susan.
Joan soon became involved in the Community activities. Her initial involvement was with netball, where Joan has served for more than 50 years. She has coached Methodist, Exies and founded the United clubs and spent many years umpiring too.
Joan has been president of the Association and is a life member. She also managed the complex canteen for 30 years, providing healthy food and much needed funds for the Association.
Joan is also Treasurer for the North Central Netball region.
Joan served as treasurer of Cal Gully kindergarten and is just on of two Life members.
Tome passed and Joan became an employee of the local council and is still employed at age 78 with Meals on Wheels, because she enjoys it.
Joan also worked diligently for Guiding in Maryborough and is currently the Treasurer of the Girrahween Trefoil Guild
Joan has been supporting her beloved Bombers for many years as fundraiser and president of the Bendigo Bombers, which is part of the Essendon Football Club.
Joan is not afraid to get her hands dirty and has worked hard for many organizations, thus exemplifying her Community spirit. She is well respected iin her lcal community.
It should be stated that a Paul Harris recognition is NOT an award, but an acknowledgement of the payment of $US 1000 for each recipient.
A world of peace and goodwill comes closer to reality today as Joan becomes a Paul Harris Fellow. It has because of gifts like the one made in her honour, that The Rotary Foundation can carry out an array of programs that achieve beneficial changes in our world; improved living conditions, increased food production, better education, wider availability of treatment and rehabilitation for the sick and disabled, new channels for the flow of international understanding and bright hopes for peace.
A contribution to the Rotary Foundation is an investment in an ideal held high by Rotarians the world over and one that Joan clearly shares. Working with such individuals of goodwill, we believe the ideals can and will become closer.
Joan, it gives Rotary great pleasure to present you with the emblems of appreciation given to a Paul Harris Fellow – a certificate and pin.
Our congratulations and sincere thanks for your commitment to our common goals of world understanding and peace.
Last week our guest speaker was Cheryl Griffin - who spoke of her visits and support with fundraising for Kenya. Cheryl told us so many facts about Kenya it was extremely interesting. Kenya gained independence in December 1963 and that was when their flag was adopted
One of the most interesting I thought was regarding the colours of the flag and why they were chosen;
  • Green - colour of leaf of the tea they import
  • Red - colour of blood spilled to gain independence
  • Black - colour of their native skin
  • White - colour of peace
There will be a meeting at Karen Mc Carthy's (32 Menzies Drive, Daisy Hill) on Wednesday 4th October - 7.00pm to commence planning a Gourmet Food and Cider Festival as a fundraiser in February 2018.
Three Paramedics and the Ambulance Auxiliary President for the last five years were each presented with a Pride of Workmanship award at last Thursday's meeting. From top left, are paramedics, Isla Douglas, Joseph McCallum and Caitlin Murphy, and bottom right is President Dianne Mullins. Our club has been presenting these awards in different vocational areas for over three decades. The awards recognize exemplary workers who take pride in their work and demonstrate the motto "Do it once, do it well"
Each year we select a different vocational area to be the focus of these annual awards.

What an exciting night for all Thursday night.

President Karen McCarthy surprised both the club members and PDG PHF Geoff James with a Royce Abbey Award. The award was established in recognition of Royce Abbey's contribution to Rotary as an inspirational leader from 1954 to 2014 and as President of Rotary International 1988 - 89. The Royce Abbey Award is available to Rotary Clubs wishing to recognise Rotarians showing enthusiasm and commitment to the Ideals of Rotary.  The presentation was made once Geoff had finished presenting the Vocation Awards. The distraction of doing that allowed President Karen to make sure Geoff's daughter Catherine had arrived from Castlemaine in time for the presentation. The arrival of Catherine surprised him so much that he was speechless. He was presented with an artwork that was donated by Karen and previously owned by Past RI President, Royce Abbey. 

The artwork was sculpted by Gilles Peltier. Gilles was a Rotarian that died almost a year ago this month. The artwork sculpted on plexiglass was done for a Canadian Rotary Club for use as a fundraiser. In 1988-1989 Rotary year Australian Royce Abbey was RI President, one of the many gifts he was given was the Artwork “Sculpture on Plexiglass” it is of the Ursuline Monastery in a Canada.


Geoff was chosen for his dedication, commitment and the endless hours he puts into Rotary both seen and unseen

Congratulations Geoff from all Rotary members on such a prestigious well earned award

Brian, Derrick, Geoff,  Karen, Malley, Martin, Peter, Terry, Thea and their daughter Sarah with sons Billy and Max cleaned up Ballarat Rd on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Max (6) told his mum he enjoyed his role in cleaning up the environment. 

This program is a key part of Rotary’s Vocational Avenue of Service
It was launched in 1975 as a Rotary Project at the Rotary District 9680 Conference
Its aim was to encourage pride in performance in the work- place, and help create a positive national attitude
PDG Les Whitcroft, Rotary Club of Ryde, produced the first  plaques - “Do it once, Do it well. Build a Better Australia”
Rotary Club of Pennant Hills followed up with the promotion of annual Pride of Workmanship Awards and the sale of plaques
The program has been adopted by over 600 Rotary Clubs in Australia, NZ, the South Pacific, Canada and the US.
The program has 5 Objectives
1. To promote Vocational Service.
2. To encourage Pride of Workmanship in all vocations
3. To provide  employers with an opportunity to recognise employees who display those qualities which are worthy of an award
4. To encourage favourable employer/employee relationships and a sense of community pride in individual achievement.
5. To provide an opportunity for Rotary to be involved in the Community, particularly the Business Community.
Maryborough Rotary has been running Pride of Workmanship Awards Since the 1980’s
Our Approach has been to choose one Vocational area in the community each year, but in other communities the awards are open to all vocational areas each year.
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