To do good in our local community, for needy international communities, for the environment and to promote peace on our planet, whilst enjoying each other’s company and making a positive difference in our own lives.
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News From Maryborough Rotary:


Service Above Self

Every Thursday, 6 for 6.30PM Committee Meetings - please be on time!
Dining Hall,
Raglan House, Raglan St.
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Maryborough, Victoria  3465
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What's Happening at Maryborough Rotary?
On a recent visit to Portland Rotary several Members of the Maryborough team attended to deliver information to the local club and members of the Police, and other interested partied. The meeting was well attended and the information shared with passion and enthusiasm since the program was started. 
First Photo L-R: Wayne Barrett, PP Garry Higgins, Mayor Anita Rank, Portland Rotary President Richard de Konig, DGN Anthony Ohlsen, Maryborough Rotary Martin Mackay & Bob Butterfield.
Second Photo, L-R: Police )fficer Paul Phelan, PP Garry Higgins &  Wayne Barrett
Much discussion  was held and the audience was absorbing all the information given, they were already with a barrage of questions which were promptly answered. Adaption of what Maryborough has done to fit the new community has been thought through with much work to be done by the community taking on the project with the guidance of PP Garry Higgins and his very enthusiastic team. 
Celebrity Chef, Jeffrey Tan shared his remarkable story at our club last Thursday. He started his working life as an Accountant, but has always had a passion for cooking and made sure he followed that passion. Now he is a cooking consultant and has raised over 3 million dollars for charity with his Charity dinners.
PP Mallee Rowe provided an entertaining and informative overview of his vocation maintaining Shire assets at Thursday's meeting. Unfortunately, with several unannounced Government budget cuts over recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to look after Shire assets. Mallee joked that his budget works best when there are floods, because flood relief can be used to repair roads and bridges!
{01} Code of Ethics - 1915
  • At the 1915 Convention in San Francisco, Rotary Adopted a “Code of Ethics” - included 13 Principles
{02} The Four Way Test
  • In 1943, the Rotary Board promoted the 4 Way Test as an additional ethical guide to Rotarians.
  • But never officially adopted as a Code of Ethics.
{03} Revising the Code
  • In 1977, the Rotary Board decided to revive the Code of Ethics, but found business had changed too much so they dropped the idea, and in 1980,removed it from Rotary’s By Laws
{04} Redrafted as a Code of Conduct
  • 1988 Code of Ethics, RI President Chuck Keller had it re-drafted as the “Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions”
  • This declaration defined a set of values that were appropriate for the personal conduct of Rotarians in businesses or professions.
  • Now Known as the “Rotary Code of Conduct” – has 8 statements
{05} Integrity
  • 1. Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviors and activities.
{06} Using Vocational Talents
  • 2. Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary.
{07} Ethical Behaviour
  • 3. Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others.
{08} Respect & Fairness
  • 4. Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings.
{09} Respect all Occupations
  • 5. Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society.
{10} Serve the Community
  • 6. Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community.
{11} Not Reflect Adversely on Rotary
  • 7. Honour the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavour or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians.
{12} No Privileges as a Rotarian
  • 8. Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship.
On Thursday, the four District 9780 Group 7 Presidents (or representatives) - Todd, George, Martin and John - gave an outline of their club's work over the last 3 months. As always, it is quite amazing to see the huge amount of service going into these central Victorian communities of Ararat, Beaufort, Maryborough and Stawell.
At our Thursday meeting, District Foundation Chair, Geoff, presented a banner to last year's President of the Maryborough Club, Thea Allan. The banner indicated that our club was the District's third highest giver to the Foundation last year.

{01} What are Networking Groups?
• Global Networking Groups are one of Rotary’s seven official Structured Programs – The other 6 are Youth Exchange, Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, Friendship Exchange and Community Corps (RCC)
{02} What do they include?
• They include Rotary Action Groups (Groups focussed on service activities and Rotary Fellowships (Vocational and Recreational Interest Groups)
{03} How Many & Who For?
• There are almost 100 programs…
• …Open to Rotarians, Spouses of Rotarians and Rotaractors.
{04} Examples of Rotary Action Groups
• Alzheimer’s & Dementia
• Blindness Prevention
• Dental Volunteers
• Endangered Species
{05} More Examples of Action Groups
• Literacy
• Malaria
• Blood Donation
• Peace
{06} Examples of Fellowships
Antique Automobiles
Bird Watching
Cruising Rotarians
{07} More Fellowships
• Magicians
• Flying Rotarians
• Rotarian Singles
• Global History
{08} Dozens More…
{09} Benefits of Action Groups & Fellowships
• Opportunities to engage in meaningful service outside the club
• Club/district gains access to expertise around the world
• Development of Global Friendships
• Access to further funding for projects
{10} How to Join
• Talk to Local Members
• Search for the Action Group or Fellowship on Google – go to the site and look for the contact name and email address
• Simply email the contact expressing your interest
• They will send details & costs (If applicable)
{11} Part of This Year’s Presidential Citation
• Ensure that at least one club member belongs to a Board-recognized Rotarian Action Group (www.rotary.org/actiongroups)
• Report in Rotary Club Central
{12} How to Start One
• Contact: actiongroups@rotary.org for details
• Groups are subject to approval by the Rotary Board
Jeffrey Tan is speaking at Maryborough Rotary next Thursday, March 16th.
A new link has been placed on our website which enables members of the public to securely donate to the latest stage of our Family Violence Program. Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) provides a secure and easy process for donating with tax deductibility.
Treasurer Peter Haywood outlined his vision of a series of Cycling Fundraisers for our club at last Thursday's meeting. Judging by the follow up committee meeting, there was a lot of enthusiasm for his proposal.
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Battling breast cancer in 2000, Kathryn Smith found comfort pursuing her lifelong interest in Franklin D. Roosevelt. The more she read, the more intrigued she became with the 32nd U.S. president’s private secretary, Marguerite Alice “Missy” LeHand. “I thought, what a fascinating life she had because she was by his side through the polio crisis, establishing the polio rehabilitation center in Warm Springs and then after his return to politics,” she says. Smith, a past president of the Rotary Club of Greater Anderson, S.C., and a longtime newspaper journalist, turned that curiosity into a book...
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One of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s earliest memories is of fleeing with his family into the mountains during the Korean War, his village burning behind him. His father and grandfather had to forage for food in the woods; his mother gave birth to his siblings away from anything remotely resembling a health facility. “I have known hunger,” he says. “I have known war, and I have known what it means to be forced to flee conflict.” The soldiers who came to their rescue were flying the blue flag of the United Nations. The UN provided them with food and their schools with books....
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Like a lot of us, I spent much of my childhood riding bikes, but fell out of the habit for a while. Forty years. Then my wife and I moved to New York, where cyclists risk their necks in a daily Thunderdome of cabs, police cars, firetrucks, double-decker buses, messengers on motorbikes, and delivery trucks backing around corners at 20 miles an hour. Not for me! At least not until my 50th birthday, when my metabolic furnace flamed out. Calories started going directly from beer bottle to beer belly. It was time to start exercising. Either that or give up Samuel Adams, and I couldn’t do that to...