To do good in our local community, for needy international communities, for the environment and to promote peace on our planet, whilst enjoying each other’s company and making a positive difference in our own lives.
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December 2016
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News From Maryborough Rotary


Service Above Self

Dining Hall,
Raglan House, Raglan St.
Maryborough, Victoria  3465
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What's Happening at Maryborough Rotary?
Around 50 people heard PP Gary Higgins and others speak last Friday at the Shire launch of their commitment to the Family Violence Program. Check out the large #SayNO sign that has been erected at the Shire offices.
Five impressive young people entertained us on Thursday. All of them had been recent participants in the "Defy the Drift" camp conducted by members of the Rotary Club of Beaufort, and they shared their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the event.
It was great to see long time Rotarian and honorary member John Selmon when he visited our tent at the Breakthrough. Pictured with John is current President, Martin Mackay.
During the Breakthrough, we put up a display of a Disaster Aid Box in the main street of Maryborough. If you have never seen the contents of these boxes have a look - the display will be up until Friday.
Mallee, Rob and Peter all doing their bit at our new marshalling location at the exit of one of the Pits. Thank you to all members who did one (or more) stints at this location during the Energy Breakthrough.
The new set-up worked well and apart from the demise of our hot water service, the trailer worked well at the Breakthrough. Thanks to all those who set up, cut up onions (thanks Graeme ), cooked and served throughout the event (some like Derrick, getting no sleep at all) and cleaned up. A huge team effort!
Last Thursday evening was a special membership night in our club where we invited potential new members to come along and hear about Rotary and our club's programs. PDG Geoff started with an overview of Rotary's history, the Objects of Rotary and Avenues of Service, The Motto, the 4 Way Test and busting come common Myths about Rotary. Rotarian Meryl (pictured) then presented images of many of our club's programs in the 5 avenues of service - quite an impressive list. Finally, PP Gary Higgins gave a quick overview of our #SayNO2FamilyViolence program and showed the video being used to promote the program in the community. We hope our potential members received an accurate idea of our great organization and enjoyed the evening. We look forward to seeing them take the next step.
Members were very pleased to welcome Shyam (Sam) Sundermalik as our newest member last Thursday. Here is Sam with President Martin and Sam's sponsor and mentor, Thea Allan. We look forward to hearing about Sam's journey during a later meeting.
Check out the recently added article on how men can reduce family violence. You can download the file from the Family Violence link in the left column of the club Home page. The file is found in "Press Releases".
Last Thursday, fellow Rotarian, Dr John Hazledine presented a fascinating account of his experiences as a volunteer Dentist in Vanuatu. John went with Ballarat Rotarian and Dentist, David Goldsmith and two young dental assistants. David had been responsible for getting a fitted out Dental van to Vanuatu and they drove that around to a number of villages. They needed to run a generator to power their dental equipment so it meant a two hour lunchtime while the generator charged things up again. On average, they provide urgent pain management to around 30 patients a day. On another visit, they got dressed up and presented a pantomime called "Ratbag and Scatterbrain" for young people on the island about the need for the proper care of teeth - John wore his costume on the night (he doesn't usually come to Rotary in a top hat!). 
Our members, Alison Teese and Esther Waters were the driving force behind last Thursday's Oaks Day fundraiser for the local Chaplaincy committee held at the Highland Society. Rotarian John Williamson looked after the money and provided the Sweep tickets for the day. PP John Caulfield and Jill Stewart kept the show moving with their entertaining compering, and President Martin Mackay, Terry Allan, Harold Breitinger, and Geoff James sold the sweep tickets for each race. An entertaining day was enjoyed by all who attended, and a substantial amount will now go to support the work of Chaplaincy at Maryborough Education Centre.
{01} Everyone does it
•    Most community leaders will be called upon to use a microphone at some time
•    Knowing a few key facts about microphones can make the experience painless
{02} Microphones Differ Greatly
•    Microphones differ in many different ways
•    The most important difference concerns the direction from which microphones receive sound
•    There are two main types: omni-directional microphones and uni-directional
{03} Omni Vs Uni
•    Omni – receives voices from two or more directions.
•    Uni – receives voice from one direction
•    Most Public Address microphones are Uni-directional
{04} Why use Uni-Directional?
•    Uni-directional less likely to feed-back when loud-speakers are in the same room
{05} Speaking into a Uni-Directional Mike
•    Speak really close to the microphone
•    Tone & volume is lost the further you move away from mike
•    But don’t speak too loud >>> Distortion
•    Keep a constant distance between your mouth and the mike
{06} Keep the mike beside or behind the loud speaker
•    Ensure you don’t have the mike directly in front of the loud-speaker – leads to feedback squeal
{07} Don’t “cup” the microphone
•    Don’t “cup” the microphone or place hands around the “head” – causes feedback
{08} How To Test a Microphone
•    Never blow or tap a microphone to test it – destroys fragile diaphragm – remember paper test
•    Speak words e.g. “check” or “testing”, which also test the tone of the “s” sound
{09} When to replace batteries for a cordless mike
•    The sign that a microphone battery is dying is intermittent operation, static and distorted sound
•    Change the battery or batteries imediately
{10} Microphone etiquette
•    Remember the mike picks up everything you say – even your whispers
•    Always assume the mike is on – be respectful of others in the room
{11} Preserving Microphones
•    Avoid tapping and blowing
•    Avoid placing a mike on a sloped table or bench – use a cradle if you have one
•    Remove batteries after use (cordless microphones)
{12} Why Use A Mike at All? (if you have a loud voice)
•    Even if you can speak loudly, it can be advisable to use public address support
•    It minimizes strained vocal cords
•    It saves you raising your voice – your register can be kept at a normal level
•    A PA voice may be more easily distinguished by those who are hard of hearing
Several of our members joined members of Zonta and other community groups to make kits for the "Days for Girls" program last Saturday. Around twenty people worked hard to produce 30 complete kits for this valuable program that provides girls in developing countries with a re-usable sanitary pad to enable them to continue their schooling. We thank Rotarian, Barbara Hilder for organizing the day and particularly thank Margaret Cunningham for travelling from Melbourne to provide materials and show us how to put the kits together.
  • On Tuesday, our members are invited to attend the Group 7 meeting in Stawell. Please come along and experience another club whilst supporting one of our smallest clubs in the District. Contact President Martin if you plan to attend.
  • Remember we are having a Membership Night next week (November 10th) - please ask someone in your friendship or business circles to come along and learn about our great organization.
  • On November 10th, we're invited to attend the K-Mart Giving Tree launch - see Martin for details
  • On November 11th, we're involved with a Barbeque at Country Trends - contact Noel for details
  • On November 13th many of our ladies are heading to Melbourne for a swanky "High Tea" - see Robyn Jennings for details
At Thursday's meeting, Dylan Jacobs, a year 9 student at Highview College, shared his concern for Family Violence in our community. As part of the school's "STRIVE" project, Dylan researched the issue by speaking with PP Garry Higgins of the local #SayNO campaign, the local police, and also a person who had experienced family violence first hand. As an response, Dylan arranged for policeman, David Scott to speak to the year 9 students about family violence, organized a casual clothes day at the school that raised $474.50, ran 170km during October to raise $656.65, and then presented a cheque for $1131.15 to our club president, Martin, to put towards our family violence efforts. All members were moved by Dylan's commitment to the cause and very impressed by his public speaking debut.
PP John Caulfield did a great job of conducting our Annual General Meeting last Thursday. The main business of the night was to confirm officers for next year's team, and John congratulated President Elect Karen on having people signed up for every position in time for this AGM. Officers confirmed for the 2017-2018 Rotary year were:
President: Karen McCarthy
Immediate Past President: Martin Mackay
President Elect: Meryl James
Vice President: Leigh Williamson
Secretary: Derrick Marsden
Treasurer: Peter Haywood
Membership Director: Garry Higgins
Public Image Director: Bob Butterfield
Foundation Director: Derrick Marsden
Fundraising Director: Rod Brown
Community Chair: Noel Jennings
International Chair: John Hazledine
Vocational Chair: Geoff James
Youth Chair: Harold Breitinger
Thank you to all these members who have agreed to give their time and energies to lead our club in the coming year.
Members were reminded about several upcoming events:
  • On Sun Nov 6th, we will be hosting the Blue Pyrenees Bike Ride and Peter Haywood still requires volunteers for the Barbeque - please contact him.
  • Our Defy the Drift talk from participants will now be held on November 24th. after Committee meetings
  • Next week, we need all members to join us at the Energy Breakthrough track as we prepare for our involvement in this big event.
http://static.wixstatic.com/media/1150cf_261cef38249c4d5c98e166d61419f47b.jpg/v1/fill/w_501,h_353,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/1150cf_261cef38249c4d5c98e166d61419f47b.jpgOur members, along with members from Zonta and other friends will gather at the Maryborough Education Centre on Saturday from 10am until 4pm to make packs for the "Days for Girls" program. We need sewing people (not sewers) and non-sewing people to assist in the production of the packs. Margaret Cunningham will be there to guide us.
http://nnimgt-a.akamaihd.net/transform/v1/crop/frm/36X6qGAW47CXknvUwBxme3p/9088b850-920d-48fb-a633-1acaa32feef3.jpg/r0_35_5184_3456_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg Members are reminded that our club members are attending and also helping out at the Oaks Day event at the Highland Society, this Thursday from Noon. Tickets can be obtained from the Highland Society and proceeds go towards Chaplaincy.
{01} Board
•    Significant interest in protocols – maybe hold a club assembly on what is stale or what can be added? (Is a Strat. Plan item)
{02} Administration
•    39% want to give presentations to members – build into program? e.g. Ink Spots, State of Industry talks?
•    25% like setting up for meetings – part of set up team?
•    32% want to plan fun activities – a Fun team?
{03} Program
•    Strong interest in more fun event meetings e.g. snooker, shooting etc.
•    Strong interest in visits to other clubs
•    Strong interest in regular breakfast meetings
{04} Membership
•    Whilst most say “engaged”, over 10% under-engaged - we need to tap this energy
•    At least 1 member unhappy – are we aware?
•    Strong interest in more education for members – Ink Spots? Fire-side chats? Active mentors?
{05} Promotion
•    36% want to plan promotional activities – need to tap their ideas
•    Interest in having more people involved in club promotions – look wider than committee?
•    At least 5 photography lovers – let’s use them
{06} Fundraising
•    Strong interest in more fundraising programs – justifies this committee
{07} Community
•    43% + want to do hands-on projects: need a brainstorm on possibilities – another Manse type project?
•    39% want to work at Dowie Park – need to find times to suit
•    64% want to cook on the Barbeque
•    25% want to to plan Family Violence activities
•    Strong interest in more community projects
{08} Vocational
•    39% like doing mock interviews – book us in for next year – both schools?
{09} International
•    Interest in hands on programs overseas – can we direct these interests?
{10} Members
•    Don’t wait to be asked – indicate interests to committee chairs
•    We need to support each other – talk about how we feel in the club – ensure that info. gets to planners – anonymously
•    Share what you “read” from survey with committee chairs
Our speaker this week was Neil Ludscombe who spoke about the John Logan Foundation - a business based charity raising money to assist families with members suffering from gastrointestinal cancers.
Members! WE NEED YOU to ask others to come along to our membership night on November 10th (NOT the 8th as previously announced) because we want to say to them "WE NEED YOU" to join us doing good in the world. Please give the names of prospective members to Garry or any member of the membership committee as soon as possible. Most members in Rotary never ask another person to join - so be different, original and buck the trend! Simply ask someone to come along to our night for a free meal with no pressure.
The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews stands behind the #SayNO sign at the Hospital.
Thanks to our local Advertiser, we have been able to spread the word about World Polio Day on Monday, October 24th.
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