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Week 9: August 27, 2015
Greetings Rotarians

We are now down on the coast at Candi Dasa.
It is great to be near the sea, even though the resort does not have the lovely lush greenery, nor much sandy beach.
This resort has more over 50's than under, and we have met couples from WA and a family of Poms from NZ.
Karen is an Early Childhood Educator in Auckland and runs the center which is open all year round, except public holidays. She says movement is so important to children's learning. She says one does not grow if one does not move.
Peter is a PP and PHF from the Fremantle Club and has served 43 years. Many years ago they helped build a playground on Monument Hill and have had many YE students in the past. This club membership peaked at 129 and they divided into three clubs. Now there is only one club with three members joining them from the two defunct clubs making 30 members.
Seems that numbers is a common problem worldwide.
No Rotary close by this week so we may have a suckling pig experience with the Pommy Kiwis, instead.
I am enjoying looking at and listening to the surf as I write this and hope that Spring is coming soon.

"​The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example" Thomas Morell

Keep Safe


Last Thursday, the Chairs and Directors gave reports from their planning meetings a fortnight ago. There are many exciting plans in place for our club this year and we look forward to seeing them come to fruition. Pictures show Graeme Rogan (Youth), Meryl James (International) and Bryce Rawlings (Vocational) making their presentations.
Garry Higgins reported on the Family Violence project, there was a round of Football where the theme was "Get the conversation started. Statistics are showing this is working with "Self reporting on the increase". General consensus is that men perpetrate violence in a family because they feel entitled to do so. Garry is on the agenda this week at thr Rotary Club of Ararat to do a presentation to them.
Bryce Rawlings: ​gave his report to the club on Vocation. With plans for a school debate, Vocational assistance and many other things in the wings this year proves to be an exciting one.
​Graeme Rogan: ​District funding, we received $900 from the District Grant program for bumper stickers for family violence to go on the rear window of buses. Youth is his other hat, instead of the traditional Youth Exchange" Alternative Schoolies is being discussed as an option. RYLA is going to be in the school holidays next year date to be advised. RYPEN will also be going ahead around the same time, again date to be advised.
Meryl James:​ Coming up for the International Committee is a film night at MEC, plans to display a Disaster Aide and the Aquabox at Wings and Wheels and Energy Breakthrough. Project UPLIFT will again be a focus, helping women in third world countries who cannot afford to by bras. And the bigger the better too. A car boot sale, photo competition, and working with Highview on the students working on a project within Australia.
Peter Heywood:​ Asked that members pay their dues as soon as possible. Also the Pyrenees Magic Bike Ride is on.
Meryl James: ​The District will be running a Facebook Seminar with a view of finding out about Rotary.
Martin Mackay: ​Reported on the board meeting, Wings and Wheels are on the 19th and 20th of September, with a dinner for Wheels at Peppa's and for Wings at Ripples (Speaker Jeff Mackay- wartime flying)
​Geoff James: ​From the District Conference there was a profit of $11,800 thanks to the generosity afforded to the Rotary Club of Maryborough by the sponsors, donations are being given to volunteer groups  $500 x 11, and $4,500 to go to Nepal.
​Special thanks to Harold and Geoff with their input and scribing from last weeks meeting it is appreciated very much by your humble editor - thanks Ed

Rotarian Toby had intended to perform a toast to the Rotary Club in the town of his ancestry but discovered there was no Rotary club there, so instead, he presented a toast to the Rotary Club of Glasgow. The Rotary Club of Glasgow meet at the Marriott Hotel for a lunchtime meeting. They are in District 1230.Toby reports their activities are the usual for a Rotary Club
​The members go to meetings formally dressed, the age of the Rotarians are approx about the same as Maryborough.

Last week instead of our usual meeting, many Rotarians took the chance to support the Central Goldfields Celebrates event. Mayor Wendy McIvor thanked the Club for supporting the event. This is the first time the evnt was run by the Central Goldfields Shire. They did a wonderful job, utilizing students from MEC to serve the canapes.
Bryce Gabell from "Bryce's Bistro" in Talbot won the Individual Young Person's award for making the most out of a career opportunity. Gerry Ryan presented his award, and has also helped Bryce on his path by allowing him to cook Mexican at one of his restaurants -a great man helping wherever he can. Gerry also spoke to the two other finalists. 
The Maryborough NewsExpress  Newsagency won the Business award. Well done to Ross and Cheryl Forster and their hard working friendly staff. They have done a brilliant job turning around the agency to have won several other awards now. Our town can feel very proud.

I thank those who contribute to the bulletin and welcome stories to be submitted. Your stories add variety to the information that I can gather. This is a wonderful club to do a Bulletin for. 
DG Jane is doing her rounds of club visits, and before we know it, our turn will be upon us. I plea to members to come and support the club when DG Jane visits along with their spouses/partners and even children. It is not a boring night, and there will be a surprise for Jane also. Come along to see what it is. Lets show how we celebrate in our club. The date is the 1st of October and it is listed in our "Speakers" section.

It was announced this week that the RI President for the Rotary year 2017/18 will be PP Ian Riseley from the Rotary Club of Sandringham - subject to the usual opportunities for objections. How wonderful to have an Australian fill this important roll. "We have the programs and personnel, and others have available resources,” says Riseley. “Doing good in the world is everyone’s goal. We must learn from the experience of the polio eradication program to maximize our public awareness exposure for future partnerships.”
A member since 1978, Riseley has served Rotary as treasurer, director, trustee, RI Board Executive Committee member, task force member, committee member and chair, and district governor.
He is also a former member of the Australian Polio Eradication Private Sector Campaign and a recipient of The Rotary Foundation’s Service Award for a Polio-Free World. He and his wife, Juliet, are Multiple Paul Harris Fellows, Major Donors, and Bequest Society members.

The "Pyrenees Magic" Bike Ride is on again this year and we invite members and friends to register for this great day out. Click the logo to go to the registrration site. More details can be obtained from the event co-ordinator, Peter Haywood.


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